City hospital No. 1 for 500 beds (Astana)

«Medical Innovations & Technologies» developed plan of project and the placement of equipment, delivered and carried out the installation of all medical, laboratory, technological equipment and furniture. The hospital is equipped with the latest equipment of world manufacturers.

Among functional departments of hospital the following can be noted:

• Department of radiology,
• Emergency reception department,
• Department of functional diagnostics,
• Endoscopy department,
• Diagnostics department,
• Clinical diagnostics bacteriological laboratory,
• Physiotherapy department,
• Department of Toxicology,
• Department of hemodialysis,
• Operating unit,
• Department of cardiology and therapy intensive care,
• Department of Surgical Intensive Care,
• Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen,
• Department of surgery,
• Therapeutics department,
• Urological department,
• Department of Gynecology,
• Department of Neurology,
• ENT department,
• Department of endocrinology,
• Mortuary.