Medical Corps of the Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery for 150 beds (Almaty)

First time in the territory of Central Asia bone marrow transplantation unit starts to work.

Treatment building settled up for 150 beds, including:

  • 3 operating rooms, including cardiosurgery and bone marrow transplantations,
  • Department of bone marrow transplantation for 6 beds,
  • Intensive Care and Reanimation Department for Bone marrow transplantation for 6 beds,
  • Reanimation department for 15 beds (of which 6 beds are reanimation for newborn),
  • 2 departments for oncohematology for 50 beds,
  • Congenital pathology department for 20 beds,
  • Urology department for 25 beds,
  • Blood bank,
  • Laboratory of genetics immune therapy,
  • Laboratory of graft processing.

    In the TKM department following equipment is installed: device for blood sell irradiation, system for cell harvesting, blood separator, cooling system with liquid nitrogen usage, plasma refrigerator, automatic plasma extractor etc.

    Some equipment can be highlighted:

  • 2 x-ray units with C-arm,
  • X-ray unit in ward,
  • Ultrasound unit with color Doppler,
  • Multifunctional surgery system МХС, consisting of ultrasound dissector and HF-generator for mono- and bipolar sections, and coagulation, and argon plasma coagulation with gas supply control,
  • Video endoscopy complex for abdominal an thoracic surgery with system of data archiving,
  • Resuscitators.

2011 y.