Regional Cardiac Surgery Center for 50 beds (Pavlodar)

Center equipped by advanced equipment:

  • Magnetic Resonance Tomography 1,5 T,
  • Computed tomography unit 64-slice,
  • System of electrophysiological monitoring, radiofrequency generator, system of navigation three dimensions non-fluoroscopic,
  • X-ray angiography unit with C-arm for interventional radiology,
  • Angiography table with radiotransparent desk,
  • Ultrasound diagnostic system full options with three probes,
  • X-ray diagnostic unit,
  • Monitor ECG with 5 recorder,
  • Portable Doppler system,
  • Automated hematology, microbiology and biochemistry analyzers, and automated analyzer for electroche-miluminescence diagnostics,
  • Device for intra-aortic balloon counter pulsation,
  • System of functional diagnostics stress test with running lane,
  • Anesthesia Machines,
  • Electrocardiographs.