Tuberculosis Dispensary for 500 beds (Astana)

The structure of the tb dispensary consists of departments:

  • differential diagnostic
  • x-ray diagnostics (ct, x-ray, dental x-ray)
  • forced treatment
  • endoscopy
  • treatment of resistant tuberculosis patients
  • for non-bacillary patients
  • treatment of recurrent cases
  • pulmonary and surgical
  • chronic patients with treatment
  • newly diagnosed bacillary patients
  • as well as an operating theatre with 3 halls, a post-operative ward, intensive care unit and isolation rooms. the area provides areas for transport disinfection and a separate entrance, discharge room with separate stairwells, local sewage treatment facilities, elbow sinks, and pedal descents for draining drums. a local exhaust system is provided in each ward, half-box.