Prefabricated modular complexes. Computer tomography and endoscopy departments (Almaty)

Our company has created two new modular computed tomography complexes. The first complex is located on the territory of City Hospital 11 in the microdistrict of Ainabulak 3, Zhetysu district.

The second one belongs to Alatau City Hospital (Medeu district) and is equipped by us with CT and all necessary equipment on a turnkey basis.

In addition, we have developed a medical and technological solution and built a modular building for endoscopy department on the territory of City Hospital 26 in Tausamaly microdistrict, Nauryzbai district. The modular endoscopy complex enables to perform gastroscopy and colonoscopy including general anesthesia.

All complexes meet sanitary-hygienic and other normative requirements to the medical objects. Modular CT complexes have X-ray protection.

The total number of medical modular complexes built by us is more than 18 objects.