Infection center for 500 beds for the treatment of patients with Covid 19 / Branch of the “City Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital named after I. Zhekenova” (Almaty)

New branch of the City Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital named after. I. Zhekenova on RV-90 was built on the basis of the facility “Psycho-neurological boarding house for 360 beds” and was intended to provide medical care to patients with Covid-19 and began its work on November 30, 2020.

The hospital is located in the Turksib district of Almaty on an area of 4.0586 hectares, the building area is 28,666 sq.m. The hospital capacity is 500 beds, including 45 beds of which the largest intensive care unit in the republic.

The MIT company carried out the medical technological sections of the work, equipped it with modern equipment for computed tomography, ultrasound diagnostics, video endobronchoscopy, spirography, electrocardiography and resuscitation.

Our company provided 100% of beds with medical oxygen, thanks to a centralized medical gas supply system with a central liquid oxygen station.

The hospital has organized a department for the disinfection of infectious and hazardous medical waste using walk-through equipment.

A patent for a utility model: “Method for collecting and disinfecting infectious and hazardous medical waste on the territory of medical and pharmaceutical organizations” was received by the company in 2020.