VII congress of oncologists and radiologists of Kazakhstan

Medical Innovations & Technologies , being an expert in the field of equipping oncology centers on a turnkey basis, acted as the General Sponsor of the event.
The Congress was attended by more than 1000 delegates from Kazakhstan, CIS and Central Asian countries, leading world experts in the field of oncology and health care organization: oncologists, surgeons, specialists in radiation diagnostics and radiotherapy, specialists in nuclear medicine.
Within the framework of the Congress, the Company “Medical Innovations & Technologies” presented to the attention of visitors and participants the main novelties and innovations for diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases from partner companies: Varian GE, Insightec, PTW, Comecer, Orfit, Ulrich, Sanova.
The participants of the congress had a unique opportunity to personally meet the manufacturers’ representatives and ask all their questions.
At our stand, the participants got acquainted with complex solutions, advanced technologies and innovative approaches in working with early diagnosis and prevention of malignant neoplasms, treatment of cancer, issues of surgery, radiology and nuclear medicine.
With the support of “MIT”, specially invited guests and doctors with great experience spoke at the congress, highlighting the current topics in the industry:
  • “MRI in bladder diagnosis.”
  • “The Art of Breast Imaging: The Opportunities of the 21st Century”.
  • “Radiation Therapy Planning: Role of CT, MRI, PET-CT”.
Our company organized a demonstration of products of our partner,  “ORFIT”, the world leader in the production of products for immobilization of patients in radiotherapy. In addition to the demonstration, MIT held a master class on the basis of the REM (Right of Economic Management) “Multifunctional Medical Center”.
The master class was attended by doctors from all over Kazakhstan. Participants got acquainted with the features and capabilities of “Orfit” products, a wide range of accessories, saw in practice and were able to fully control the entire process of mask preparation, learn how to interact properly with the patient.
In the framework of the congress Medical Innovations & Technologies LLP presented an innovative technology of cancer treatment, ablation by Focused Ultrasound under the control of magnetic resonance imaging MRgFUS (FUS-MRI) from Insightec. Especially for more detailed acquaintance of Kazakhstan doctors with the technology “MIT” organized the visit of a world-renowned doctor, Professor Alessandro Napoli (Italy), who made a presentation on “The state of the developing technology of focused ultrasound therapy under the control of MRI”.
We are pleased that the Congress of Oncologists and Radiologists was visited by the famous American urologist, David Samadi, who is a consultant to the Presidential Clinical Center. He was just in Kazakhstan at that moment and conducted a master class for doctors of the International Reference Center for Robotic Surgery, which was developed and equipped by our company, Medical Innovations & Technologies on the basis of the Medical Center of Presidents Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Taking into account that oncology is a priority area of health care in the Republic of Kazakhstan, VII Congress of oncologists and radiologists of Kazakhstan acted as a unifying platform for leading scientists, experts, specialists from different countries of the world, exchange of experience and advanced technologies, definition of innovative approaches to solving problems of oncology.