Presentation at the National Center for Neurosurgery on “ExAblate Neuro – neurosurgery without incisions”

On January 30, 2023, the National Center for Neurosurgery JSC hosted a presentation of innovative ablation technologies with MRI-guided focused ultrasound (FUS MRI). The presentation was attended by the Chairman of the Board of JSC “National Center for Neurosurgery” Professor, Academician Akshulakov S.K., heads of departments and doctors of the national center.

MIT presented a unique development by INSIGHTEC (Israel) – ExAblate Neuro. This system is designed for the treatment of essential tremor and tremor dominant form of Parkinson’s disease. Patients are able to get rid of tremor (trembling) in one session on an outpatient basis, without incisions and cranial trepanation, and significantly improve their quality of life.

The technology is based on a combination of focused ultrasound thermal ablation of brain regions in the thalamus, subthalamus, and pallidum and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with real-time tissue heating temperature mapping.

The technology is approved by FDA and CE and is widely used all over the world (in more than 125 clinics in America, Europe and Asia). The procedure has proven its effectiveness and safety for many years.

We have already implemented another development of the company using FUS MRI for use in the field of oncology on the basis of the Moscow Center for Health and Chemistry in Ust-Kamenogorsk (see projects in the section).