MIT Supports Central Asian Oncology Week as a Sponsor

Our company participated as a sponsor in the “Central Asian Oncology Week”, an event organized by the National Scientific Oncology Center. It took place from September 6 to 8, 2023, at the Congress Center in Astana. The event garnered the attention of prominent specialists and professionals in the field of oncology from Central Asia.

Our company introduced conference participants to cutting-edge equipment in radiological diagnostics, therapy, and nuclear medicine from top global manufacturers. This equipment included:

  • The Versa HD linear accelerator (Elekta, Sweden) known for its precision and effectiveness in radiation therapy.
  • The ExacTrac System (Brainlab, Germany) designed for precise patient positioning monitoring during radiation therapy.”
  • “Beamscan (PTW, Germany) for dosimetry and quality control in radiation therapy;
  • The IRIS radiopharmaceutical multi-dose injector (Comecer, Italy) for the safe administration of radiopharmaceuticals;
  • Innovative solutions for patient fixation and immobilization during radiotherapy (Orfit, Belgium);
  • Injectors from Ulrich (Germany) for contrast agent administration and improving image quality in CT and MRI procedures.”
  • “A significant breakthrough in non-invasive prostate cancer treatment is the Exablate Prostate System (Insightec, Israel), which holds a special place in this context. This innovative technology utilizes focused ultrasound under real-time MRI guidance to target and destroy cancerous cells. It allows for treatment without the need for incisions or radiation exposure.

MIT highly values its role in supporting initiatives that foster the development of practical healthcare in Kazakhstan and the promotion of advanced technologies in the field of oncology.