For the first time in Kazakhstan, conscious craniotomy was performed

The specialists of our company with great joy and satisfaction accepted the news of the successful completion of unique brain surgeries at the Children’s City Clinical Hospital No. 2 in Almaty.

«From May 4 to 6, 2022, for the first time in Kazakhstan, children underwent neurosurgical operations while awake. Together with foreign colleagues, they were conducted by specialists from the Almaty City Clinical Hospital No. 2. Surgical treatment was carried out as part of a master class with the assistance of the Public Foundation Voluntary Society «Mercy»», reported on May 14, 2022 portal

Two children with brain tumors with convulsive syndrome were operated on in consciousness. During neurosurgical interventions, a technique was used with the awakening of the operated patient from anesthesia, the so-called ” awake craniotomy”, in order to control and preserve brain functions (speech, motor, visual, etc.). When tumors are located in functionally significant areas, maximum accuracy and careful targeting are very important: the high professionalism of neurosurgeons and the availability of appropriate equipment. In 2020, Medico-Innovative Technologies LLP delivered to the hospital an operating microscope Hi-R 1000 Moller-Wedel GmbH & Co.KG. (Germany) and a surgical navigation system Curve Dual Display Brainlab AG (Germany) to perform these and many other brain surgeries. In addition, specifically for the master class, with our assistance, Brainlab opened a demo access to a special program for mapping the functional areas of the brain.

During the operation, children were taken out of anesthesia, they answered questions, neurosurgeons performed mapping of functionally significant areas of the brain in the area of the tumor, and they were again put to sleep for further removal of the tumor. In the master class of Professor MD A.V. Kim was attended by specialists from Children’s City Clinical Hospital No. 2: chief physician, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology M.R. Rabandiyarov, neurosurgeon, laureate of the medical award “Altyn Shipager-2019” A.A. Zhailganov, head of the intensive care unit and anesthesiology Zh. Zh. Sholakhov and other doctors of various specialties. For two and a half years of operation of the pediatric neurosurgical service in Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 2 in Almaty, more than 1,300 children from the entire southern region of Kazakhstan have been treated, of which more than 800 children have been operated on.