For the first time in Central Asia – the latest system for improving the quality of radiation therapy Exactrac Dynamic, Brainlab (Germany)

For the first time in Central Asia, our company supplied the Almaty Oncology Center with an innovative system to improve the quality of radiation therapy – Exactrac Dynamic, Brainlab (Germany).

Exactrac Dynamic is fully integrated with the linear accelerator and provides highly precise, sub-millimeter delivery by positioning and monitoring the patient during the procedure. The effectiveness and safety of radiation therapy directly depends on the accuracy of the effect on the tumor. It is very important that the rays have the maximum effect on the target – malignant cells, but do not damage surrounding tissues and organs.

The simplicity, accuracy and speed of the ExacTrac Dynamic system allows it to be used effectively for most patients, while reducing session time and increasing dose accuracy. In general, the use of the new system for radiation therapy will improve its quality, reducing the number of relapses and complications.

The system of stereoscopic X-ray positioning and tracking of the patient’s position during irradiation allows for high-precision positioning of the patient for subsequent precision irradiation of targets, including high single doses. At the same time, the dose load on the patient’s body from two orthogonal images is significantly less than when performing CT in a cone beam.

The use of a pair of orthogonal images obtained simultaneously for positioning and verifying the patient’s position allows minimizing the time of a radiotherapy session, which is extremely important when there is a large flow of patients.

The ability to carry out fully automatic correction of the patient’s position using table movements virtually eliminates the negative influence of the “human factor” on the quality of positioning.

The function of optical tracking of the patient’s position during the irradiation procedure allows to control the immobility of the area of interest and ensure precision of the effect throughout the irradiation, including when rotating the table.

The system allows to use modern multifield irradiation technologies, dynamic techniques, and effectively and safely irradiate multiple intracranial targets.


The system of automatic segmentation and delineation and preparation of plans can significantly reduce the time spent on preparing a plan without losing the quality of determining the contours of the target and critical structures.

The MIT company is the exclusive supplier of Brainlab products (Germany) in Kazakhstan.