Unique for Kazakhstan, safe technology for the treatment of oncological diseases was introduced in the East Kazakhstan region

A master class on FUS-MRI ablation for uterine myoma was held at the Multidisciplinary Center of Oncology and Surgery of the East Kazakhstan region, with the participation of specialists from Israel.

According to statistics, uterine fibroids account for up to 30% of all gynecological diseases.  Surgery and complex hormonal treatment are used for its treatment. Gentle, innovative technology developed by an Israeli company. The method is successfully and widely used in America, Europe, Japan and China.  This year, it became available to Kazakhstanis, says Gulmira Sagidullina, director of the Multidisciplinary Center for Oncology and Surgery: “I emphasize that the procedure is completely safe, takes place without incisions, on an outpatient basis and does not require hospitalization or long-term recovery. The very next day, a woman can lead her usual way of life.  In addition, with the help of FUS-MRI, prostate cancer and bone metastases can be effectively treated. The equipment that provides such opportunities was purchased on the basis of cooperation with “Medical – Innovations Technologies”, an official partner of the Israeli “InSightec””. Israeli specialists, together with the engineering service of the “Medical – Innovations Technologies”, carried out the installation and configuration of equipment, preliminary training of Kazakhstani doctors, MRI laboratory assistants and technical staff of the oncology center.  Also, to master the technology, a multidisciplinary team traveled to Israel to study. InSightec specialist, Gena Korol, about the technical characteristics of the unit:

“The uniqueness lies in the combination of two technologies – MRI and Focused Ultrasound.  To connect to the FUS, devices MRI 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla are used.  Just such is located in the cancer center of Ust-Kamenogorsk.  First, for diagnosis, the patient takes MRI scans.  If the patient meets special criteria, he is prescribed treatment with focused ultrasound.  For this, an innovative table developed by our company is used.  The table has a built-in energy converter that connects to the MRI and a real-time temperature control program is sewn in. It is very important that the technology has a multi-level security system and does not have harmful radiation.” Israeli experts note that Kazakhstani doctors are almost independently treating uterine fibroids.  The task of mentors at this stage is to provide advisory assistance in finding optimal and effective solutions. Malika Meirmanova, Head of the Department of Radiation Diagnostics, talks about how the treatment is going: “With fUS-MRI, the waves pass through the tissues of the body without damaging them.  At the focusing point of the waves, energy is concentrated, the tissue is heated up to 60-90 degrees.  The point effect of ultrasound destroys tumor tissue without damaging other organs.  The procedure itself takes three to five hours.  MRI control allows to achieve the accuracy of its performance and constant monitoring of tissue temperature.  This is done to maximize the effect of treatment, minimize risks and ensure a high quality of life for the patient, and in the case of the treatment of uterine fibroids, to preserve the opportunity for women to have a child.”

The next stage of cooperation will be the introduction of a method for the treatment of prostate cancer and bone metastases.  Prostate cancer is considered one of the main causes of death among older men in Kazakhstan. Bone metastasis occurs in many common cancers and is often accompanied by severe pain that cannot be treated. Serious organizational and methodological assistance in the implementation of the methodology in the healthcare system is provided to the Oncocenter by the Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology, including the development of protocols for interventions and treatment. A comprehensive program to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system in East Kazakhstan, under which MRI 3.0 Tesla and the ExAblate InSightec system for focused ultrasound treatment were purchased, expands the possibilities for diagnosis and treatment for all Kazakhstanis, allowing them to receive high-tech medical care on the territory of the Republic without leaving the country .