Supply of EEG-1200K expert class electroencephalographs

Medical Innovations & Technologies, being the exclusive distributor of Nikhon Kohden (Germany), delivered two EEG-1200K expert-class electroencephalographs (64 channels, with video monitoring) to the Keruen-Medicus Medical Center in Almaty, which have no analogues in Kazakhstan at the moment.

The Electroencephalograph EEG-1200K with video monitoring has the most powerful universal amplifier of bioelectrical potentials of the brain with channels for recording different types of signals, which ensures the highest quality of the EEG signal. Because of this, it is ideal for both routine studies and long-term monitoring with recording of polysomonographic channels as well as SpO2 and CO2 channels.

EEG-1200 allows performing encephalography according to the conventional 10-20 system with a more detailed study due to long-term monitoring with recording of polygraphic channels, synchronous video monitoring with sound accompaniment, convenient tools for data analysis.

The recording and review function allows you to continue recording and view the already recorded part at the same time. The device has an intuitive interface with a clear display of data, flexible filter settings, channel sensitivity and editing.

The EEG-1200 system can be configured to suit individual customer requirements.
On November 12, 2022, Keruen-Medicus Medical Center will host a hands-on workshop on “Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy” with pre-surgical diagnosis.

The special guests are:

✔Nikita Pavlovich Utyashev is a neurologist and head of the Epilepsy Diagnostic and Treatment Laboratory, Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center, Moscow, Russia.

✔ Nikita Vitalievich Pedyash is a neurosurgeon, assistant of the neurosurgery department of the Institute for Advanced Medical Training, Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center, Moscow, Russia.