For the first time, the Curve Brainlab navigation system is integrated with the KINEVO 900 Robotic Imaging System, Carl Zeiss (Germany)

For the first time in the CIS, a revolutionary solution to integrate an operating microscope with robotic movement and augmented reality functionality has been implemented at City Clinical Hospital No. 7 in Almaty.

Features of the KINEVO 900 robotic imaging system:

  • Robotic alignment with six degrees of freedom with guided tool (Brainlab Pointer, Zeiss QEVO®, NICO BrainPath®, etc.);
  • Robotic alignment by trajectories and points with 3 and 6 degrees of freedom;
  • Following the tip of the navigated instrument and autofocusing on it;
  • Update navigation to compensate for displaced anatomical structures;
  • Full integration of the microscope with Spine Navigation software;
  • Semi-transparent augmented objects introduced in the eyepiece and superimposed on an external monitor (e.g. 3D 4K monitor);
  • Touch control to rotate microscope projections on the navigation screen;
  • Various picture-in-picture modes (e.g. 2D navigation, tractography information, augmented object overlay, etc.)
  • Ergonomic remote control (via handle) with overhead menu on projection display;
  • Visualisation of the entered planned structures as contours in the eyepiece;
  • Microscope tracking with visualisation of the optical axis and focal point at the tip of the instrument.

The solution to integrate the KINEVO 900 microscope with navigation systems is a joint development between the two companies CARL ZEISS and Brainlab.

Our company is the official distributor of Brainlab in the Republic of Kazakhstan.