NEUROLITH ® is a solution for the simple treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

NEUROLITH, Storz Medical (Switzerland) is a transcranial stimulator designed to stimulate various parts of the brain, helping to improve the cognitive abilities of people suffering from the most common form of dementia Alzheimer’s disease.

According to WHO, there are about 50 million people with dementia worldwide.

Transcranial pulse stimulation (TPS ® ) is an optional therapy approved in Europe since 2018, used for the treatment of mild and moderate Alzheimer’s disease in order to maintain the current condition for as long as possible.

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  • Outpatient and non-invasive;
  • Safe and simple;
  • No patient fixation;
  • 30 minutes per session;
  • 6 sessions over 2 weeks.

Medical Innovations & Technologies is the official distributor of Storz Medical in the Republic of Kazakhstan.