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Company profile

“Medical Innovations & Technologies” LLP is the largest design company in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It specializes in the field of complex “turnkey” equipping of the hospital and other medical facilities. We can supply medical, laboratory and technological equipment, for radiology, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, endoscopy, radiography, functional diagnostics, dental surgery, all types of laboratories, medical gases services; including all necessary consumables and accessories.

The company´s activities focused on the development of medicine and preservation of human health by actualization the most significant and large-scale projects that could create competition to recognized model of modern hospitals.

We offer a wide range of services from expertise and project development to maintenance and training for staff.

The business strategy selected by company involves a continuous search of modern highly functional equipment for each project. Having at its account number of outstanding projects, it is worth noting that many of them were the first in the Kazakhstan market, and do not have any analogues. So the latest therapies and diagnostics that previously were possible only abroad, have become available not only for residents of Kazakhstan, but for the whole of Central Asia.

The “Medical Innovations & Technologies” company works on projects in close cooperation with world leading manufacturers of medical equipment, Centre for Management of Investment Projects MoH RK, health departments at all levels, construction and engineering companies. The company is responsible for its partners to maintain high quality standards.


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